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  • Instrumentation Cable Part 1 Type 2

    Price : Rs 75.50 / Meter (Approx)


    we are offering instrumentation cable part 1 type 2.application: bs5308 cables are used to carry voice and data services, they also serve as the interconnection between electrical equipment and instruments, particularly in and around process plants, where transducer generated sig more...


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    Scientronics FZE

    Business Park 1, Rak Ftz

  • Instrumentation Cables

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    • Colour Code : Multi Pair Black & White
    • Pair Construction : Two insulated conductors are uniformly twisted to form a pair with 10-14 twists per meter
    • Insulation : Extruded XLPE
    • Conductor : Stranded Annealed Copper to Class 2 (IEC60228)
    • Size : 2P x 1.5 SQMM
    • Brand Name : MESC Cables

    Individual Screen  Aluminium backed Mylar Tape is applied over each pair. All pairs are electrically isolated.  Cabling  Assembly is wrapped with Polyester Tape Collective Screen  Aluminium backed Mylar Tape Inner Sheathing  Flame Retardant PVC Armour  Single layer SWA to B more...


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  • Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

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    • Junction : Grounded, Insulated , Exposed
    • Sensor Types : E, J, K, N, T, R, S
    • Wiring Configurations : Simplex, Duplex, Triplex

    Description H&B Sensors manufacture Thermocouples designed specifically for air temperature measurement. All our temperature sensors are manufactured to order so can be customised to your exact requirements. The wall mounted or pipe mounted junction box style housing can specifie more...


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  • Explosionproof Combination Motor Starters

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    • Enclosure AIC Rating : 10kAIC at 600V (standard); 65kAIC at 480V and 35kAIC at 600V (optional)
    • Electrical Rating : 3 poles, 600 VAC
    • Temperature Range : -25°C to 40°C (standard); -50°C to 40°C (optional); -25°C to 60°C (optional)
    • Enclosure Sizes : Size 2 (NEMA size 0-2); size 3 (NEMA size 3 and 4)
    • Materials : Body/cover – copper-free aluminum; clamp – anodized copper-free aluminum; external hardware – stainless steel; internal parts – galvanized steel
    • NEMA Starter Sizes : NEMA size 1, 2, 3, 4

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  • Motor Soft Starter

    Price : Rs 16.61 k / 420 Set (Approx)

    • MOQ : 1 Set(s)
    • Brand Name : Ahnam Rinha Group

    We are offering motor soft starter. A motor soft starter is a device used with ac electric motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the powertrain and electrical current surge of the motor during startup. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft, as we more...


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    Ahnam Rinha


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  • Instrumentation Cables

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    • No of Pair/Triad/Quads: : Up to 50 pairs/triads/Quads
    • Sheath : PVC / LSF.
    • Conductor : Plain / tinned copper
    • Size : 0.5 sq.mm to 4 sq.mm.
    • Specifications : Cables as per BS 5308 Part-1/Part-2, BS EN 50288-7 or any international standard.
    • Shielding : Al.Mylar foil screen / Braided screen

  • Siemens Servo Drives

    Price : Rs 18.35 k / Pack (Approx)

      Moore Automation Limited is the market leader in the discontinuation of electrical materials distribution in China. This position is the result of years of trust in our customers. This trust allows us to continue to evolve and emphasizes that we offer more discontinued parts. more...


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    Askplc Limited


  • Temperature Sensors

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    Temperature Sensors FeConst ( J ) ; NiCrNi ( K) ; Pt 10% RhPt (s); Pt 13% RhPt (R)Bayonet type thermocouples ( Pt-100, DIN43760 / IEC751 Class A and Class B ) - Bayonet type with fittingnut thermocuples - Inset Type thermocuples - Thermocuples with Terminal Block and Optional Fit more...

  • Busbar Mounting Fuse Base Systems

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    3-pole, 60mm system, combination base for 5 and 10mm thick busbars and double-t-section latching mechanism when sliding onto busbar opened box terminal 1.5-25mm2 Features 400V/63A 50 kA short-circuit withstand capability Power dissipation at nominal current-5.9W Silicon free and more...

  • Busbar Riser Systems

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    We have always strived to make our company a competitive and a modern one. In our mission to introduce more and more new products, Busbar/busriser have been introduced. Busbar trunking has been around for a long time at least half a century. Even then, it was a useful alternative more...

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